What is Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy? – Answered

What are these mystic entities?

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Tower of Fantasy (ToF) is a brand new MMORPG that has taken the Internet by storm in the days following its release. Perfect World and Hotta Studio can definitely be proud as the game has millions of downloads already on all available platforms: PC, Android, and iOS. The Simulacrum is one of the core mechanics of Tower of Fantasy and in this article on Prima Games, we will cover the things you need to know about the Simulacrum.

What are Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy? – Explained

The Simulacrum is something that some tech enthusiasts have been dreaming about creating in real life for many years. It is an AI manifestation of sorts, of something (or someone) that existed in reality at some point. Everything in this game is futuristic and a similar manifestation could be noticed during the tutorial/prologue part where an orb came about during your dialogue with an NPC and gradually opened itself up and literally drew another NPC into reality.

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Simulacrum is somewhat similar, and it is built into various weapons that you will be using throughout your gameplay (you’ve probably already completed the tutorial and gotten your first Simulacrum already).

There are ranged and melee Simulacrum in the game. Currently, the melee lineup is (in terms of types of weapons):

  • Hammers
  • Spears
  • Swords

And the ranged lineup is:

  • Bows
  • Cannons

Pretty standard, but some typical types of weapons seen in other similar games are (at least for now) missing, like Axes for example. Perhaps, they will introduce more as the game progresses.

Every Simulacrum has its own stats and abilities, and some of them can even change how your character will look. You will mostly obtain the Simulacra as you progress through the main story.

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