What is Save Wizard for Resident Evil 4 Remake - Answered

What is Save Wizard for Resident Evil 4 Remake? – Answered

So you want to hack your save files, Stranger?

Editing save files is an old well-known activity for many impatient gamers or those who want to get the most out of every game. On PC it has always been done with various hack tools, hex editors, and the like, while on consoles there were devices like Action Replay or Game Shark… yeah, good ol’ times. So we are not surprised that, even today, there are similar solutions, such as a paid service called Save Wizard – where it is possible to download codes for save file manipulation, even for the PlayStation 4. So does this Save Wizard support the Resident Evil 4 Remake? Let’s find out.

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What is Save Wizard for Resident Evil 4 Remake?

The new Resident Evil 4 was one of the most requested games for Save Wizard since its release, to the extent that fans of save file manipulation became very impatient, some even sent hate mail to the authors (check Reddit for that one). However, Resident Evil 4 Remake has finally been added to the list of supported games on Savewizard.net on April 7, two full weeks after the release date.

All supported Resident Evil games in Save Wizard

So, for this operation you will need PlayStation 4, USB drive, Save Wizard software, and a PC. You can transfer your save to USB and then load it in the Save Wizard tool and apply cheats and modifications, save it back to USB, and copy it to the console. This method only works with the PlayStation 4 version of the game for now. You may attempt to transfer these save files to PlayStation 5 at your own risk – or you can run PlayStation 4 version on PlayStation 5.

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With the help of Save Wizard, it is possible to completely break the game, including enabling unlimited ammunition, god mode, change playable characters, and much more. Just keep in mind that fiddling with save files can easily corrupt them, so always backup your original saves before trying anything with the Save Wizard.

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