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What is Safekeeping Score in Dragon Quest Treasures?

It's how good you are at Safekeeping, obviously

by Lucas White

Dragon Quest Treasures is weird with the way it doles out tutorials at times. So it’s totally possible to encounter something early on and have no idea what it does. One of those things for me was “Safekeeping Score.” Monsters have this in their status screens, represented with a percentage number. But what the hell does it mean? I finally found out after a while so here’s the word.

What is Safekeeping Score in Dragon Quest Treasures?

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So, finding buried treasures is the core gameplay mechanic in this game. But you, meaning Erik or Mia, don’t actually carry your treasures. Your monster pals do the hard work of lugging these chests around, and they’re definitely heavy. Each monster has a maximum number of chests they can carry, and it isn’t a lot (at least early on).

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The treasure chests are so heavy, they can actually be dropped! If a monster takes a hard enough hit in a battle, they can straight up drop treasure chests. And another monster can actually swoop in and steal your shit if you don’t retrieve ‘em fast enough. It’s like reviving a teammate, but with an even slower charge rate and what seems like an instant aggro draw.

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That’s where Safekeeping Score comes in. Basically, it’s an endurance stat. The higher a monster’s Safekeeping Score, the better their chances of holding onto their loot. So obviously the tankier monsters have a much higher percentage, ensuring their held goodies will probably stay put. If you run into a monster stronger than your squad though, all bets are off. Regarding what the percentage translates to in terms of what calculations the game is making, you’ll have to keep an eye on the Dragon Quest Treasures fan wiki scene for that in the coming days or weeks. Gotta give the dataminers some time.

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