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How to Fast Travel in Dragon Quest Treasures

A dedicated coward button, nice

by Lucas White

So, you’re out in the world of Dragon Quest Treasures, exploring, fighting, and recruiting monsters, completing quests and, of course, searching for treasure. But for one reason or another, you need to head back to base or simply don’t want to run across the map. Are there fast travel mechanisms in Dragon Quest Treasures? Yes, there are more than one even. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Fast Travel in Dragon Quest Treasures

There are three ways to fast travel in Dragon Quest Treasures (I’ve come across so far). The first is technically a form of “Retreat,” but can be handy in certain situations. This one’s right in the main menu from the get-go; simply choose the house icon. You’ll get zipped straight back home but with one major condition. If you do it this way, you’ll lose any Treasures you’re holding.

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The second way will be introduced after you make a little headway into the story. This, of course, is through the classic Dragon Quest item Chimera Wing. The option, when available, is right next to the Retreat button. In exchange for one Chimera Wing, you’ll shoot right back to HQ, including all your Treasures. The easiest way to get these is by doing quests, especially the daily quests.

Finally, the third way to fast travel in Dragon Quest Treasures is via certain NPCs. For example, in the Snouterhorn area, after you make friends with the Slyphanian folks, an NPC named Cirrus will appear by the campfire at the train station. They’ll offer to take you to certain locations, such as the Stockade camp. A different NPC there will take you around as well. I’m not far enough into the game yet, but I would assume (for now) there’s a similar setup in each area.

We could also take a second to talk about air currents here for good measure. These are visible blue lines of wind that serve a singular purpose. If you have a monster with the Glide Forte, you can hop in and get carried to wherever the current leads. These are smaller shortcuts but sometimes cover quick return routes that can help you shave some time off backtracking.

That’s all for fast travel in Dragon Quest Treasures. Keep an eye out for more on this game at Prima Games using its tag.

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