What is in the RuneScape Humble Bundle ‘Paths to Adventure’ – Answered

Donate to charity and receive in-game benefits.

RuneScape Humble Bundle

RuneScape is a very large MMO, with a lot of content to dive into. A large portion of the game consists of leveling up skills. This can often be incredibly time-consuming, and so any way that can make skilling any easier is often appreciated by the community at large. The RuneScape ‘Paths to Adventure’ pack and the return of the pack titled ‘Paths to Adventure -The Return-‘ aimed to do just that whilst giving back to charity. RuneScape players may be wondering what you could receive from the the Humble Bundle packs, and you can find out below.

What Is Included in the RuneScape Humble Bundle

The RuneScape ‘Path to Adventure’ pack could be purchased from the Humble Bundle website. The pack was only available between December 9, 2022, to December 24, 2022. The ‘Path to Adventure -The Return- pack runs from July 28, 2023, to August 19, 2023. As with other Humble Bundles, there was a minimum payment required which was £9.83/€11.47/$12. Paying at least the minimum payment allowed players to receive every item in the bundle. When making payment, players could choose how they wanted payment to be split between Jagex, Humble Bundle, and Specialeffect in 2022. The 2023 charities that you can split payment between are Gameheads and Girls Make Games Scholarship Fund.

There are three restrictions regarding the purchasing of the bundle.

  • Players could purchase a maximum of three bundles.
  • Players could only redeem one bundle per account.
  • Ironman and Hardcore Ironman accounts were unable to redeem the bundle. A possible oversight due to the inclusion of items forbidden to be used on Ironman/Hardcore Ironman accounts.

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The following items were included in the ‘Paths to Adventure’ bundle.

  • One month of RuneScape membership.
  • 6 Medium Protean Packs
  • 5 Umbral Chests
  • 900 RuneCoins
  • 35 Treasure Hunter Keys
  • Fremennik Hunter Pack (Fremennik Hunter’s Friend, Fremennik Shield, and Fremennik Axe)

With the inclusion of RuneScape membership, RuneCoins, and Treasure Hunter Keys, it was significantly cheaper to buy the bundle as opposed to buying these items separately. Since the bundle retired in December 2022, and has returned in 2023, it seems like it will be a recurring bundle. It isn’t the only way to get some extra XP though. Players can take advantage of other methods to increase XP gains, such as RuneScape’s Double XP LIVE events.

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