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RuneScape DXP Weekend

RuneScape has a reputation for being a rather grindy adventure. This reputation is well deserved as maxing your account will take thousands of hours to do. These days, there are many opportunities to make this goal slightly easier. One of the most well-known opportunities is RuneScape’s Double XP events. Originally set during a weekend, Jagex now allows players 10 days to log in and get 48 hours of in-game Double XP. So, when is the next RuneScape Double XP LIVE event? Let’s find out.

RuneScape Double XP LIVE Event

It is important to know when the next RuneScape Double XP LIVE event will be. As the earlier you stock up on buyable items that you need to train skills, the cheaper it will be. Prices rise dramatically the closer that you get to the start of the event. You could easily save yourself millions of GP by being proactive.

So, when is the next event? Jagex has announced that the next RuneScape Double XP LIVE event will take place from Friday, July 28, 2023 (12:00 GMT), to Monday, August 7, 2023 (12:00 GMT).

Members will receive a +100% XP bonus whilst free-to-play players will receive a +20% XP bonus during the event.

Double XP Restrictions

Make sure that your plans for the Double XP LIVE event do not include any of the following.

  • Assist system
  • XP lamps
  • Tomes of experience
  • Ectofuntus
  • Cremation
  • Dragon rider amulet
  • Auto-sanctifiers
  • Brawling gloves
  • Player-owned house altars
  • Wilderness Chaos altar
  • Dungeoneering wildcards
  • Sacred clay
  • Urns
  • Ancient effigies

It also does not apply to XP rewards given on hand-in for the following activities:

  • Quests
  • Daily Challenges
  • Jade Vine
  • Strange and golden rocks
  • Other Distractions & Diversions
  • Harvesting animal produce from Player-Owned Farms

It does not apply to XP awarded on hand-in of points or tokens. Examples:

  • Slayer point rewards
  • Brimhaven Agility Arena tickets
  • Dungeoneering tokens

The Archaeology & Invention skill benefits differently to others:


  • Base Precision will be doubled (this means double projects per hour from excavation).
  • Excavation & Screening XP are doubled
  • Players will not receive Double XP from restoring artifacts, tomes, research, mysteries, or pylons.


  • Item XP is gained at +50%
  • Making items on a workbench (charge packs, siphons etc) gives +50% improved XP
  • Disassembling random items (logs, potions etc) will give +50% improved XP
  • Disassembling/siphoning equipment does not give improved XP

Ironman accounts do not receive an XP boost in Double XP LIVE.

As always, make sure that when you are planning to play for extended periods of time you remember to take care of yourself as well. The grind is real, but so are you. So, make sure that you take regular breaks. You have ten days to get your grind on after all! In the meantime, check out how Jagex has altered Soul Dye with a much-needed update.

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