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What is BTD6 Nudge Mode? – Answered

Nudge away!

Many BTD6 players have been wondering what the mysterious “Disable Nudge Mode” option does for years. While most advanced players utilize it often, even veteran players may be completely unaware of what nudge mode actually does. It is actually quite useful for precise tower placement. Without further ado, continue reading to learn what Nudge Mode does in BTD6.

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What Does Nudge Mode Do in BTD6?

Enabling Nudge Mode allows for precise tower placement in BTD6. When Disable Nudge Mode is off, if you have your tower in an un-placeable area, it will stay there, and you can nudge it around by releasing your hold and then dragging it around.

The tower movement while in nudge mode is much slower and will allow for pixel-perfect placement of your tower. Many advanced BTD6 players will use Nudge Mode to place their towers in extremely hard-to-reach spots.

If Nudge Mode is disabled, your tower will continue to be tracked by your mouse if moved into an unplaceable area.

While explaining what Nudge Mode does in words is pretty challenging, the GIF above quickly displays it in action.

If that tower were put into that same spot with Nudge Mode disabled, it would snap to the cursor as soon as it moved into a valid area.

Nudge Mode will allow you to get your towers as close as possible together, allowing them to fit in other towers’ radius, such as the Monkey Village.

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It is also beneficial for Banana Farm placement, as players will want to save as much map space as possible.

Now that you know what Nudge Mode does in Bloons TD6, it’s time to get out there and get that pixel-perfect tower placement!

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