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What is an Offensive Chat Warning in COD MW2? – Answered

Chat got your tongue?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Ranked Play MW2

After a long night of Multiplayer matches in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you may have logged into the game the next day to find that you have an Offensive Chat Warning. The notification for this always appears at the top right section of the screen and doesn’t offer much context.

It might seem like a problem when you first see the warning, and it can certainly lead to a real issue, but you could be in the clear. This COD MW2 guide will cover what the chat warnings mean and how they are issued out from player to player.

COD MW2 – What is an Offensive Chat Warning?

The first thing to note about these warnings is they aren’t bans of any sort, so there’s no need to sweat just yet. These are simply warnings that you have supposedly been breaking the code of conduct that every player has to agree to before playing Modern Warfare 2. The only problem is that the system to enforce the code of conduct is incredibly easy to abuse.

Some players who never even use voice or text chat have received the Offensive Chat Warnings. To receive one of the warnings, all that’s required is a few reports from someone else in your lobby that you are being abusive in chat. This has even been used by some in Ranked Play to get another player kicked from the match, ultimately resulting in an easy win.

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After some chat warnings, players will be given a suspension from using voice or text chat. These sit somewhere around two weeks depending on how many reports are sent. The step above suspension is, of course, the removal of chat from the player or a ban in general. Hopefully, the reporting gets more refined in the future. But for now, don’t sweat the Offensive Chat Warning unless you really deserved it in COD MW2.

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