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What is an IFAK in COD DMZ? – Answered

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Call of Duty: DMZ is full of faction missions that task players with extracting or delivering very specific items within the Al Mazrah map and Ashika Island. One of those deliverable items is the IFAK, and at first glance, you may have no idea what that really means based on the name.

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There are a few different faction missions that will require you to find these kits, and one of them even asks for players to find 8 of the items in total. In our COD DMZ guide, we’ll explain exactly what an IFAK item is and where you can find the item on one of your many deployments.

COD DMZ – What is an IFAK?

An IFAK is the abbreviated version of an Individual First Aid Kit in Call of Duty. These aren’t rare items in Al Mazrah or Ashika Island by any means but you can go a few deployments without ever finding one of the kits. There is a larger version of the kit as well and it’s another item you’ll need for factions down the line.

To find an IFAK in COD DMZ, there are a few places you can search. First and foremost, you should check every bathroom in any building you enter to look for a medical container on the wall. Each container has a chance to spawn the kit. Searching hospital-based areas will give you far more medical containers to open up.

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Because of the nature of item deliveries in the DMZ, there is no way to guarantee an IFAK spawn when you begin a deployment on the map. You’ll have to search as many containers as possible and hope that you get some decent luck. Within no time, you’ll have the IFAK items you need.

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