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Where to Find Sensitive Documents in COD DMZ

Time for some paperwork.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Call of Duty: DMZ is full of items that seem mundane, and most of the time they’re useless as pick-ups, but some missions call for items like sensitive documents to be picked up. With so many mundane items in the loot pool though, it can be hard to actually track some of them down.

One of the main faction missions that call for these documents is a Tier 3 objective under the White Lotus called Caved In. You’ll need to bring some sensitive documents to the Sattiq Caves in the DMZ and we’re here to help you pull that off with minimal issues.

COD DMZ – Where to Find Sensitive Documents

Unfortunately, finding these papers is going to come down to random luck at a base level because there is no guaranteed spawn where you can just pick them up. That doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck there. Certain types of areas have a much higher chance of spawning the items you need.

Two areas that are fantastic for finding sensitive documents are police stations and office buildings with plenty of folders. Some of the enemies in these areas can have the papers, and many of the loot containers will hold the documents you’re looking for in the DMZ. They aren’t incredibly rare, so you’re chances are high.

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Other areas such as the Sawah Hotel have increased spawns for sensitive documents as well, but you can really search any of these places. Once you have the documents, you can head back to the Sattiq Caves in Al Mazrah and complete your objective for the White Lotus in the COD DMZ.

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