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Beach Club Observatory Location in Ashika Island DMZ

Mud is thicker than water.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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One of the more confusing faction missions for the early tiers in Call of Duty: DMZ is the Muddy Waters mission tied to the Legion. The first task that players need to complete Muddy Waters is to find the Beach Club Observatory Deck in Ashika Island and grab a Shadow Company USB stick.

It’s pretty easy to find the Beach Club in the Ashika Island DMZ, especially because the POI is plastered in the bottom left of the map, but that’s not exactly where the Beach Club Observatory is. Our guide will show you exactly where to find it so you don’t have to swim around and get shot at.

Ashika Island COD DMZ – Beach Club Observatory Location

As mentioned, the Beach Club itself is located in the southwestern section of the map, and it’s where you’ll typically find the start of the radiation spread on the map. From the club, you want to head all the way to the south, back to the shoreline. If you go out far enough, you’ll see the Beach Club Observatory deck, which is shown as a circle to the south on Ashika Island.

There is a small connection from the main island to the deck on the water, but you can swim or walk; it’s really up to you. However, the Muddy Waters mission objective is actually located below the deck. So far below that you’ll need to swim under the Beach Club Observatory.

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When you get to the main circle, swim all the way to the bottom and look for a window. You can enter through that window underwater and grab the Shadow Company USB stick. All that’s left to do is extract from the Ashika Island DMZ with that USB stick and move on to the next item.

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