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Pacific Foothold Dead Drop Location in COD DMZ

Have some bottles to deliver?

by Daniel Wenerowicz

If you’ve made it to the Tier 4 faction missions tied to the White Lotus, then you have a few deliveries to make within the Call of Duty: DMZ mode. Pacific Foothold is one mission, in particular, that tasks players with delivering some gun oil bottles to a dead drop on Ashika Island.

When you look at the specific task objectives, you’ll see that you’re required to find the dead drop in the Residential District of Ashika Island. With nearly no other guidance, this task can be hard enough, so our guide is here to give you the exact location of this DMZ dumpster.

COD DMZ Ashika Island – Residential District Dead Drop Location

As the task suggests in the main faction mission, you’ll need to deploy to Ashika Island to find the right dumpster for your bottle delivery. The good news is that the island is fairly small and it won’t take long to reach any location on the map. In this case, you’ll need to the northern tip of the island.

Two POIs exist in the north, and these include Oganikku Farms and Residential. The Residential District is located more to the northeast, and you’ll see a main road that goes through the area. This road, which also touches the coastline, will go past two small buildings in the Residential District. For the Pacific Foothold dead drop, you want the building on the right when looking from the map view.

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You’ll find the dead drop behind the building rather than the side that is facing the main road. Before you head here, you’ll need three bottles of gun oil that you can deposit into the dumpster, or you can deliver them one by one. After the delivery is done in COD DMZ, you’ll have some game consoles to find for the White Lotus.

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