What Is An Accidental Persona Fusion In Persona 5 Tactica? – Explained

You can't always get what you want.

Fusing and creating new Personas has always been a key factor of the series, but sometimes, things can go off the rails. However, it seems that Lavenza can’t always guarantee what you’ll get, as an Accidental Fusion can happen when you least expect it in Persona 5 Tactica.

What Are Accidental Fusions in Persona 5 Tactica?

An Accidental Fusion is exactly as it sounds; it’s a fusion of two or more Personas that do not come out to the originally anticipated result. When you go into the Velvet Room, a room that allows you to fuse a variety of creatures to make something incredibly powerful, you can select which of the Personas that you’ve collected to fuse.

However, if you’re lucky enough to get an Accidental Fusion, you’ll receive a creature that is usually much more powerful than originally anticipated. For example, during my first playthrough, I tried to combine a Level 8 Persona and a Level 3 Persona to create something that was within my Phantom Thieves level, which at the time was level 13. Thanks to an accidental fusion, however, I received a Persona that was level 24 that I could equip and use for quite a while to make myself much more overpowered than I could have imagined.

It isn’t always a great result, however. There are times when you can combine two powerful Personas and end up with something that is a much lower level than originally anticipated. You could try combining two Level 20 Persona and end up with something that is a Level 8, which could be of no use to you at that point in your adventure. Guess it’s time to bring them up to the sacrificial altar and create something new if luck is on your side.

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