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What is a Guardian in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

When you first started playing Baldur’s Gate 3, you created two characters: your main character and a guardian. While the first is the character you play for the entirety of your playthrough, the guardian remains a mystery. What does it do? When will you meet the guardian? To learn more, continue reading to discover what a guardian is and when you’ll meet them in Baldur’s Gate III.

Be careful when reading ahead, though. There are some spoilers coming up!

Baldur’s Gate 3 Guardian Character Explained

At first, the guardian is someone you create at the beginning of the game through the character customization menu. While you can’t set their class or stats, you can design their appearance through this menu before setting off on your adventure.

From here, you will see the guardian later in Act One. However, you won’t see them in the wild or in your party. Instead, you encounter them through storyline cutscenes. While they will not be an active party member, they serve as a companion that’ll provide information about the story and the world around you.

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More specifically, the guardian first appears in your dreams when you take a long rest in your camp. Here, they tell you about your brain tadpole’s powers and their significance to you.

What Does the Guardian Tell You?

During the first cutscene, where you meet your guardian, you’ll learn that their primary purpose is to protect you from the tadpole. Rather than you hopelessly becoming a mind flayer thanks to the parasite, the guardian prevents this from happening.

Instead, you can absorb the powers of the tadpole and gather more throughout your journey to become even stronger, gaining various abilities and passive perks to boost your strength.

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