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The story of Halo Reach is a tragic one, and most of the Spartans we follow throughout the game don’t make it out alive; that’s what makes Jun such a mystery. Also known as Jun-A266, his ending in Reach leaves some threads hanging around, and I’ll tie those up for you so you can finally leave the story behind.

Does Jun-A266 Die in Halo Reach?

Jun survives the Fall of Reach and even continues to serve as a trainer for the Spartans following the events of Halo Reach. As the rest of Noble Team was sent to deliver a package and help the Pillar of Autumn escape for good, Jun-A266 was given his own task of escorting Halsey away from all the chaos.

Considering he was the designated Marksman of Noble Team, Jun was the best choice to bring Dr. Halsey to CASTLE Base in one piece. At this point in the story, Covenant was becoming more than the humans could handle, and key players in the Halo stories to come needed to survive.

In the end, Jun successfully delivers Dr. Halsey to CASTLE Base, and they are able to leave Reach without meeting the same fate as Noble Team. Initially, Jun-A266’s fate was left open-ended, and even the developers allowed fans to come to their own conclusions. One fan comic even poked fun at the open-ended nature by recreating a joke comment that claimed Jun died while escorting Halsey.

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As time went on though, Jun-A266 continued to serve as a Chief of Staff on the Spartan Branch of the UNSC. He would recruit and train more Spartans until the year 2558 and perhaps even longer. With Halo Reach taking place in 2552, It’s safe to say Jun ended up in a much better spot.

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