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Halo Infinite: All Excavation Site Collectibles Listed

by Nikola Pajtic

Halo Infinite has many missions to complete. One of these is called the Excavation Site, and it has a few collectibles for you to pick up during it or later in the game as you revisit it to collect anything you missed. Here’s all Excavation Site collectibles in Halo Infinite, listed.

All Excavation Site Collectible Locations

There are six collectibles for you to find, and we will share their locations with you:

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Spartan Core: There are two Spartan Cores at the Excavation Site. The first one is located near the entrance to the Conservatory. Enter the small building with a Ghost vehicle and use the grapple to reach the loot.

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Spartan Core 2: The Second Spartan Core can be obtained on the first level of the cliff that surrounds the Excavation Site. If you can’t find it, use your scanner. You might need to use your grapple to reach the location.

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Mjolnir Armor Locker: Not far from the Conservatory, you will find the Mjolnir Armor Locker with the Banished Nameplate at the lowest level next to the cliff.

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UNSC Audio Log – She Was Smiling: This collectible can be found in the mining structure. Beam up with the gravity lift and once you are up, go straight and turn right. You will find a loot with Kinetic Ammo refill cache and some weapons. In the middle of this, there is a UNSC Audio Log. Beware of a couple of Grunts lurking around.

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Banished Audio Log- Demon: Use the grapple to reach the gravity lift and enter the mining structure. Now, follow the corridors, and on your second left, you will find the hidden collectible.

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UNSC Audio Log – Home Away From Home: This is the last collectible and can be obtained after the mining structure is destroyed. You will find it north of the Excavation Site. Follow the western road, and you will find the hidden collectible with the help of your scanner on top of a rock next to burnt ruins.

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Now that you know every collectible location in the Excavation Site, go out there and collect them all. If you need more help with Halo Infinite, click on the tag below the article.

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