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Lethal Company Update 45 Patch Notes
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Tragedy Mask is probably the most exciting addition to the Lethal Company in Update 45, and despite that, everyone’s afraid of touching it and using it. In this article, I’ll explain all this ruckus about the Tragedy Mask and what the Dramatic Mask does.

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Spoiler Warning

There are minor spoilers for interactions in Lethal Company ahead.

What Can You Do With The Tragedy Mask in Lethal Company?

If you spot a Tragedy Mask on the floor in one of the Facilities in Lethal Company, be very careful about approaching it. It is safe to pick it up and probably safe to hold it in your hand, but if you “use” it while holding it in your hand and put it on your face – it’s over.

You will not be able to take off the mask anymore, and you have signed a death sentence for yourself and probably for some of your crewmates, too! At first, nothing will happen to you, and you will most likely try to yell to your crewmates that you can’t take it off, but soon enough, a red entity will come for you, kill you, and possess your body.

You might appear normal to your crewmates until your character starts moving weirdly. If your character manages to approach any of your crewmates, it’s instant death for them. Mind you, your character will also be able to follow them outside of the Facility, so there’s no (easy) escaping.

It seems that this mask was purposefully added to the game for trolling purposes and the creation of comical moments on live streams from which people can make short clips for social media, and further propel the notoriety of this comical horror game.

If you’re interested, check out who Zeekerss, the developer of Lethal Company, an evil mastermind of dark comedy, really is.

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