What Does the Loud Horn Do in Lethal Company? – Answered

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A crewmate holding a torn stop signpost in Lethal Company
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During your playthrough, you will be able to use many different items and ship upgrades, and the Loud Horn is the one that has sparked quite an interest in the community. Here’s what the Loud Horn does in Lethal Company and how to get it.

How to Get and Use the Loud Horn in Lethal Company

You can purchase the Loud Horn for 150 credits at the Terminal Shop. After purchase and installation, you will have a rope to pull that activates the Loud Horn. We’ve seen quite a few community posts that claim that the only usage for Loud Horn in Lethal Company is to annoy your teammates, but be wary; the crewmate with a torn signpost in their hands might not like the sound.


Sometimes shop items will go on sale, so check in every day to see if you can get items like the Loud Horn for a cheaper price. If you’re planning on buying the Loud Horn only to try it out, we recommend waiting to buy it while it’s on sale to save you a ton of credits. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can get seemingly random deals on items for discounts of 30%, 80%, and more.

What is the Loud Horn Actually Used For in Lethal Company?

If you are on the ship and your teammates are lost somewhere in the wild, you can use the Loud Horn to signal where you are and have them know where they should return. However, there are some additional benefits and potential drawbacks of using the Loud Horn in Lethal Company, depending on the situation (and depending on what monsters are around).

Some of the monsters are fond of hearing sounds made by players. For a few of them, hearing players’ sounds is the only way they can locate you, and, naturally, they’ll come dashing after you blare the Loud Horn.

Some other monsters, however, will be pretty scared. The moment they hear the Loud Horn’s noise, they will run away, allowing a safer passage for teammates.

Trolling Your Teammates With the Loud Horn

Engage in some good old-fashioned tomfoolery by using the Loud Horn to throw your teammates into the arms of peril. You can troll your teammates by blaring the Loud Horn while they’re trying to make it back to the ship. The horn will likely attract enemies, and if it does your teammates will be forced to fight to make it back on the ship or die trying. It’s not the nicest way to play, but we can’t deny being an annoying agent of chaos can provide a good chuckle.


Trolling your teammates with the Loud Horn is not the best way to play the game if you’re trying meet the credit quota. It could results in deaths, and teammate deaths will reduce your overall profit. If you’re hellbent on causing madness, you could at least reduce the death penalty by retrieving dead bodies.

Anyway, that’s about it for the Loud Horn. Check out how to use all items in Lethal Company if you want to learn more about other items in this horror game.

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