What Does the Crimson King Coin Do in Remnant 2 – Answered

Pay the toll or get the flame

The Fae realms are a cruel place. But there are rules here, and if you obey them, there’s a chance you can move through unscathed. Such is the purpose of the Crimson King Coin in Remnant 2.

What Does the Crimson King Coin Do in Remnant 2 – Answered

The Crimson King Coins can be used to obtain the Blood Draw Mod, but there’s a catch.

As you’ve fought your way through the Gilded Chambers or The Great Hall, you’ve likely encountered a special Fae with the ability to teleport. These Faes, once defeated, will drop a peculiar quest item: a Crimson King Coin. The coin description reads:

“The Red Prince is as devious as his parentage. He realized that money has no value but what we give it—that value is held not by the object, but by the Fae who wields it.”

This description hints at what its purpose is. These Crimson King Coins are meant to be used as “tributes” to the Red Prince, who you’ll encounter at the end of the dungeon. But just one coin isn’t enough! You must give the Red Prince three Crimson King Coins to honor him properly.

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If you give him three Crimson King Coins, he will kill you. But! When you respawn at the checkpoint, you’ll get the Bloody Steel Splinter crafting material used to create the Blood Draw weapon Mod. The Red Prince will also vanish from his chambers as if you faced and defeated him.

  • Blood Draw Weapon Mod – Shoots out razor-sharp Chain Shards which impale up to 5 targets within 15m, dealing 10 damage. On hit, chains are pulled towards the caster, dealing 250 damage split equally among enemies and applying 275 BLEEDING damage over 15s.

Give him less than three, and you’ll be forced to fight him. He has no choice, really. You’ve insulted him with your meager offerings. So, prepare yourself for a battle full of fire and Red Prince clones.

To get more Crimson King Coins, you can reset your checkpoint in an area where you’ve encountered teleporting Special Fae to try to farm them. I encountered my first teleporting Fae in the room with the torch puzzle.

If you haven’t completed the torch puzzle, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Check out how to complete it here: Remnant 2: How to Solve the Gilded Chambers Torch Puzzle.

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