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What Does Merit Do in Project Slayers? – Answered

by Nikola Pajtic

Project Slayers is a new Roblox experience based on the vastly popular Demon Slayer Japanese manga series. If you are a fan of fighting games and Japanese manga, then Project Slayers is made for you. It will take you to a land filled with samurai and demons, where you will fight various enemies and complete different quests.

Progressing through the ranks, you will eventually reach Hashira or Upper Moon, depending on whether you turn into a Demon or a Demon Slayer. However, going up through the ranks is not an easy task. You will need Merit for that. Learn how to get Merit and what it does in Project Slayers. 

How to Get Merit and What it Does in Project Slayers

Merit is used to increase in-game rank in Project Slayers. You can get it by defeating Demon Slayer players or beating opponents in PvP matches. You can practice combat skills in Safe Zones before getting on higher-level bosses or players. 

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Winning against others will earn you Merit, rendering you either Hashira or an Upper Moon in a short amount of time. Be sure to practice long enough before you decide on real fights. 

Once you master the combat, it won’t take long to earn that highly needed Merit and reach the upper ranks in Project Slayers. 

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