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How to Become a Demon in Roblox Project Slayers

by Nikola Pajtic

Roblox has some unique game modes, and Roblox Project Slayers is just one of them. This action-packed role-playing video game is inspired by the famous Demon Slayer anime. You will choose between four races in Project Slayers: humans, hybrids, slayers, and demons. 

The path to becoming a powerful human-slaying beast that comes out at night is not that complicated, but you still need to achieve some prerequisites to call yourself a true darksider. 

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How to Turn into a Demon in Roblox Project Slayers

Before even thinking about becoming a Demon, you will need to level up your character to level 15. This can easily be achieved by slaying mini-bosses over and over again. One of these bosses is Bandit Zoku, which can be found at Kiribating Village. 

The next thing you should do when you reach level 15 is to start roaming around the map after nightfall in search of a non-playable character known as Muzan. Muzan is a huge name in the Demon Slayer anime, and just like in the show, he is the only one who can grant you Demonic powers. He is the original superpowerful Demon, and drinking his blood will turn you into a demon. 

Unfortunately, Muzan’s spawn locations are random and he can only be found at night. Once you spot him, talk to him to be tasked with two quests:

  1. Find Blue Spider Flower Lillies – These flowers spawn randomly on the map. You will need five of them. 
  2. Find Doctor Higoshima and bring him to Muzan– Luckily, Doctor Higushima’s location is static and he can be found in a shed behind Bandit Zoku’s house. Press H when you find him and carry him to Muzan. Once you get Doctor Higushima to Muzan, he will give you a vial of his blood. Drinking it will transform you into a Demon and provide you with access to Blood Demon Arts!

Don’t forget that Demons incinerate in sunlight, so wear a hat when you are out in the daylight. 

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