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What Does Elite Targeting do in BTD6? – Answered

Targeting skills of the Elite!

Tower Defense games have been historically present since the early 90s, but they have witnessed a great surge in popularity with the release of RTS games like Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, which had their own map editors that everyone could use to make their own maps, and a lot of mods for the core games. Then, the (now late) Flash games also had their own fair share of Tower Defense games which probably only 90s kids would remember. Nowadays, the Bloons franchise is the go-to place for many Tower Defense fans, both young and old. Bloons indeed has quite a few interesting mechanics in the game and today’s subject is Elite Targeting and what it does in BTD6.

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A lot of players are wondering what the Elite Targeting is in BTD6. For those who do know, you can obtain the Elite Targeting option when you purchase an Elite Sniper, which “promotes” all of your regular Snipers by giving them the Elite Targeting ability. Find out below what exactly Elite Targeting does in Bloons TD 6, here at Prima Games.

What Does Elite Targeting do in Bloons TD 6? – Answered

Elite Targeting grants the following abilities to each and every Sniper you have on the field:

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  1. Sniper will focus on the strongest Bloons first, at the start of the wave.
  2. When the Bloons cross approximately three-quarters of the track (about 75%) they will be prioritized. In that case, the ones that are first in line will be the first to get shot at.
  3. Snipers will also focus on Ceramic Bloons over Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) Bloons.

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There you go, now you know what Elite Targeting is in Bloons TD 6. Make sure to check out our other content related to Bloons TD 6 at our game tag below.

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