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What Does CHIMPS Stand For in BTD6? – Answered

The acronym is crazy!

by Nikola L
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Tower Defense games have a rich history, from the early beginnings back in the 90s to the resurgence in the early 00s with the Warcraft 3 custom games mods, Tower Defense Flash Games made by everyone and everyone’s grandma. Nowadays, most of the Tower Defense genre fans rally around Bloons TD.

CHIMPS is a fun game mode in Bloons TD 6 (actually, it originated in BTD6 to be technically correct). Many players of Bloons TD 6 are trying to figure out what C.H.I.M.P.S. means in BTD6, and Prima Games is here to demystify this acronym for our readers. You’ll be amazed at how simple it actually is.

What Does CHIMPS Mean in Bloons TD 6?

The acronym (abbreviation) C.H.I.M.P.S. means that you do not have:

  • Continues (cannot continue if you lose, no restarts, back to square one young fella!)
  • Hearts Lost (1 heart and 1 heart only)
  • Income (no income between the rounds, just the resources you earn by killing Bloons)
  • Monkey Knowledge (no bonuses allowed. No siree!)
  • Powers (no powers!)
  • Selling (what you place is there until the end of time so plan accordingly)

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How to Unlock C.H.I.M.P.S. in Bloons TD 6?

You can unlock the CHIMPS mode in BTD6 by beating the Impoppable game mode.

The Impoppable game mode is unlocked on maps by beating “Alternate Bloons Rounds”.

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The Impoppable game mode is specific because players will start the game with one life only, and they won’t have the ability to gain new lives. And that’s just the start of this chaos. A 20% price increase is done to towers and upgrades (compared to the prices on the Medium difficulty).

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