What do Toothpicks do in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? – Answered

Hey yo, its the art of sandwich crafting

What do Toothpicks do in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - Answered

For me personally, toothpicks are best used when you want to imagine that you are Razor Ramon, but in the world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet they are used to add characteristics to those timed-buff effect inducing sandwiches. In the brand new Pokemon games, making sandwiches is part of the Picnic mode, where you can create sandwiches according to recipes or go crazy in creative mode and throw random stuff together and call it a sandwich – but how does adding different toothpicks affect the art of sandwich crafting in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Let’s find out.

What do Toothpicks do in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

To get sandwitch crafting, find any flat surface in the game, open the main menu with X button and select the “Picnic” option, then “Make a sandwich”, and then go into the “Creative mode”. In this mode, you can add the ingredients yourself, and when you’re done crafting, the last touch is sticking a toothpick in it – after which you’ll find out what kind of “Meal powers” (timed buff) your creation will actually bring.

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If you don’t have picks with you, head to a nearest Bakery and buy some, you can find them in the following cities:

  • Alfornada
  • Artazon
  • Cascaraffa
  • Cortondo
  • Levincia
  • Porto Marinada
  • Mesagoza

For example this is what a Bakery in Mesagoza have in store:

  • Red Poke Ball Pick (cost: ₽200)
  • Green Poke Ball Pick (cost: ₽200)
  • Blue Poke Ball Pick (cost: ₽200)
  • Vee-Vee Pick (cost: ₽480)
  • Pika-Pika Pick (cost: ₽480)
  • Silver Pick (cost: ₽40)
  • Red-Flag Pick (cost: ₽120)

The selection of the pics will vary from store to store. There are tons of different picks and to get them all you’ll have to visit each of the Artisan Bakeries listed above. After that, all you have to do is experiment with different combinations in sandwich crafting mode.

Dont forget that each different pick type comes with a description that you should read as it explain what effect it will bring to your sandwich creation. Have fun! *throws toothpick your way*

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