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Where to Catch Flutter Mane in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

by Daphne Fama

If you’re a lover of Ghost Pokemon, like I am, there’s probably one Pokemon on your wishlist: Flutter Mane. And while that sounds suspiciously like an off brand My Little Pony, Flutter Mane is actually one of the best Ghost Pokemon to come to Generation 9. And that’s a lofty title, considering how many great Pokemon are in Paldea.

For those not in the know, Flutter Mane is a Pokemon that looks strikingly like Misdreavus. But unlike Misdreavus, its trademark mane has split into wings, and it isn’t known to evolve at all. Paldean speculation is that it’s actually an ancient relative of Misdreavus.

Where to Catch Flutter Mane in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

As for actually catching Flutter Mane, you might have a long wait ahead of you. This Ghost-Fairy Pokemon is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet and only in Area Zero, Generation 9’s post game.


Area Zero is in The Great Crater of Paldea, and to enter it you’ll need to complete The Path of Legends and gather two people: one person with Champion Rank-level skills and somebody who can “deal with crazy tech”. Of course, this is referring to Nemona and Penny. So, you’ll need to finish Victory Road and Starfall Street in order to enter the Crater.

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Once that’s done, Arven will call you and you’ll be able to see an area marker on your map on the West side of the Crater, closest to Medali.

Once you’re inside Area Zero, Flutter Mane can be found in the Overworld, floating elegantly along with its strange wing-hair appendages, and should be in the upper Level 50s or above.

Good luck finding that Ghost, trainer!

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