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What do Sandwiches do in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? – Answered

Which 'which is which?

by Lucas White

Like many modern RPGs, the latest Pokémon games include not just one, but multiple crafting systems. Well, two of them at least (there could be more; I’m early). One of them is the whole TEE M system which is nice and complicated. The other is… making sandwiches? This food gimmick is pretty weird, and not introduced super clearly. I’m here with a guide to hopefully help the both of us know what to do with these things.

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Once you get past the opening parts of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll meet someone outside having a picnic. They’ll introduce the concept of picnicking, then send you on your way. When you’re wandering around the open world you’ll have the option to set up a picnic yourself, which pauses the world around you, releases your Pokémon team and lets everyone just vibe for a spell.

You can talk to your Pokémon, wash them, throw a ball around or make yourself a sandwich. There are three components to sandwiches: recipes, ingredients and picks. You choose a recipe, manually slap the ingredients together then stab a pick through to seal the deal. So what the heck do these sandwiches actually do? Well, all kinds of things.

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When you choose a recipe you can see what each sandwich will give you. You’ll see various kinds of boosts, from changing the encounter rate of certain Pokémon types, EXP boosts, item drop modifiers and more. These “meal power” bonuses have different levels and durations, depending on the recipe and whatnot. And if you want to get more recipes you can find them by speaking to certain NPCs in sandwich shops.

If you want, you can also improvise, and just toss your ingredients onto some bread and see what happens. Either way when it comes to placing ingredients you need to be careful, as if you drop something you could potentially alter the properties of the finished product.

This is all very silly.