What Do Platinum Points Do in Nintendo Switch Online? – Answered

I still miss Club Nintendo

If you’ve visited the Nintendo Switch Online app recently, or you’re a new member, you may have noticed the “Missions and Rewards” section. Added earlier in 2022, this part of the app provides members with tasks and awards a currency called Platinum Points for completing them. But what do they do? What can you get with these points? Is it worth bothering with? I can’t answer that last one for you.

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What Do Platinum Points Do in Nintendo Switch Online?

The “missions” that appear are little ways to encourage you to explore the various benefits provided to Nintendo Switch Online members. For example, recent missions I completed involved backing my game saves up on the NSO cloud servers and trying different games in the Nintendo 64 app.

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There are two main ways to use the Platinum Points you get from Nintendo Switch Online missions. Within the Switch app, you can redeem the points to customize your user icon with exclusive parts only available here. The selection rotates, but you can choose a game/category, a character and if available, backgrounds and frames. In the screenshot examples you can see I slapped one together using the new options for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The Platinum Points are also associated with My Nintendo, the online loyalty service that replaced Club Nintendo from back in the Wii/3DS days. You can use your points here with or without a Nintendo Switch Online membership. You can also get Gold Points, or Coins, from buying stuff on the eShop.

You can use those Platinum Points here for various rewards, including physical merchandise (very limited selection). There are things like sweepstakes, legitimately cool wallpapers and printable gimmicks such as… these ones.

Absolutely cursed.

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