What Do Emerald Slivers Do in Disney Dreamlight Valley? – Answered

Green slivers, orange pebbles and gold items, all in one little village

Emerald Slivers in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Throughout your travels in Dreamlight Valley, you may notice some bottles sitting in various ponds and rivers. While this may look a little suspicious initially, these are the beginning of a long journey toward getting an adorable new animal companion!

Interacting with these bottles gives you an emerald sliver, and figuring out what to do next is one of the hardest parts of this little challenge. Do you cook with them? Craft with them? That’s why I’m here to talk about them today. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover what Emerald Slivers do in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Use Emerald Slivers in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Emerald slivers are one of the many items you’ll need to create colored potato potions to unlock the rainbow fox companion. As you fish for emerald bottles around the map and collect all 16 slivers, you’ll craft them into a Jade Crystal, which you can exchange for a green potato seed.

DDLV Emerald Sliver Item
Interact with all 16 emerald bottles to get emerald slivers! | Image by Prima Games

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After making the seed and growing it into a green potato, you can make it into a Crystalline Green Potion, one of the six colored potions you need for a Rainbow Potion.

Where to Find Emerald Bottles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Throughout Dreamlight Valley, you’ll find bottles in the water that you can fish out and add to your inventory. There are 16 total in the following regions:

  • Peaceful Meadow – Two bottles
  • Dazzle Beach – Five bottles
  • Glade of Trust – Four bottles
  • Forest of Valor – One bottle
  • Frosted Heights – One bottle
  • Sunlit Plateau – Two bottles
  • Forgotten Lands – One bottle

Although no fishing circles will appear above them, you can still cast your line toward each bottle, causing the regular fishing minigame to appear.

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Crafting the Jade Crystal Using Emerald Slivers

After collecting all 16 bottles, interact with them in your inventory to get the emerald slivers before bringing them to a crafting station. Under Functional Items, you’ll see the Jade Crystal available to craft!

Jade Crystal in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Image by Prima Games

Create the Jade Crystal and bring it to the Sunlit Plateau’s Vitalys Mines to get a green potato seed. You can then plant this seed in the Forgotten Lands to get a green potato! This potato is the main ingredient for the Crystalline Green Potion, which you’ll need to make a rainbow potion for the fox companion.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation platforms. To learn more about the game, check out how to make Dream Fizz in Disney Dreamlight Valley, or click the tag below to dive into our entire DDLV article list.

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