What Is the Coalition In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Let's talk CoD lore!

There’s a pretty good chance that, as a Call of Duty player, you may not be so dialed in you know what all the lore is. It really isn’t that necessary when you’re just out there trying to have a good time, especially in Warzone. But when you do play Warzone or Modern Warfare, you have to choose a faction even if you aren’t playing on teams. Or when you’re looking through Operators in the store, you may see a word like “Coalition” and wonder what the heck that means. So let’s get into some wacky wargame lore stuff, because we’re feeling squirrely.

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What is the Coalition in Modern Warfare?

There are two main factions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. You have the Allegiance, comprising the Spetsnaz, Jackals, Chimera, and Shadow Company. The Shadow Company is a big part of the Season 5 story, so you’ll recognize some of those faces from the marketing materials. The other faction is the Coalition, which consists of the SAS, Warcom, and the Demon Dogs. You’ll recognize the SAS as the team Price is a part of in the story.

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So while you will often fight on one side or another in multiplayer matches over on the Modern Warfare side, there isn’t really much teamwork happening in the average Warzone skirmish. Instead, all of the above are all together in a group called the Armistice, which is more focused on surviving through the chaos of Verdansk more than worrying about whose side is whose. Since Verdansk is such a hotzone of violence, intel, and resources, all the narrative framing in each of Modern Warfare and Warzone’s Seasons is usually just adding new items to the list of things that exploded.

In gameplay terms, the factions obviously translate into opposing teams in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode. You can choose your favorite Operator on either faction, and you’ll play as one or the other depending on what team you land on. In Warzone, the Armistice means that players all get grouped together, so you can end up with Operators on either side on the same squad.

Ultimately these allegiances don’t mean a whole lot else in terms of the game, but it can be relevant when it comes to choosing what skins you want to work towards unlocking, or what kind of stuff you may be considering purchasing from the game’s premium store.

Do you have a favorite Operator, or group of Operators in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Or do you even favor one faction over the other as a whole? Let us know what characters you like to play as over on the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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