What are the Longshot Distances in Modern Warfare 3? – Answered

Longshots are here to stay

Longshots MW3
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While they won’t be nearly as bad as last year, the longshot camo challenges have returned to some of the weapons in Modern Warfare 3. To help you get a head start on the Interstellar grind, I have all the distances for these shots and how to get them in each match.

What is the Longshot Distance for Each Class in MW3?

  • Sniper Rifles – 50m
  • Assault Rifles – 38m
  • Battle Rifles – 38m
  • Marksman Rifles – 38m
  • Light Machine Guns – 38m
  • Submachine Guns – 30m
  • Pistols – 20m
  • Shotguns – 12.5m
Longshot Challenge Modern Warfare 3.
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Ranges are essentially the same as they were in Modern Warfare 2. Every map in the game will have at least one section where you can earn some longshots. Of course, earning them with a sniper on Rust is always going to be a challenge, but that won’t be a problem in most cases. Compared to last year, some of the maps have decent sightlines for distance shots.

If you’re going for the camo challenges, then you may want to wait for hardcore if you truly hated the experience in the last Call of Duty game. After all, the higher health pool can cause some frustration. But I still don’t think you should let that deter you from taking on these marksman-level shots for some shiny camos.

How to Get Longshots in Modern Warfare 3

You can get longshots by staying at about the 40-meter mark on maps with longer sightlines. I recommend trying to play matches in Rundown and Wasteland for the best chance at long distances with plenty of vantage points. Even if you can’t get them though, most maps have some spots you can take advantage of.

Snipers and assault rifles are really the only classes that have some longshot camo challenges this year. Even then, only a few of those weapons within the class force the distance shooting. So the nightmare distance grind you remember from MW2 will be over soon.

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