How to Easily Get 3 Operator Kills With 1 Magazine in MW3

Conserve your ammo

A gunner holding a rifle with a drum mag in MW3
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One of the most frustrating camo challenges in Modern Warfare 3 tasks you with getting 3 Operator Kills with 1 magazine on each assault rifle. Streaks are hard enough on their own, but watching your ammo makes it tougher, and we can help you breeze through the challenge.

MW3: How to Get 3 Operator Kills With 1 Magazine

The easiest way to get 3 Operator Kills with 1 Magazine is to attach a drum magazine and play modes like Kill Confirmed. Not every assault rifle with this challenge will have access to a drum magazine attachment, but they will all have some ammo capacity extension that you can take advantage of. More ammo is just the start of the challenge though.


You can unlock Round Drum attachments of various sizes by leveling up specific weapons or, after reaching Account Level 25, complete Armory Unlock challenges. Attach drum magazines by selecting them from the Magazine attachment slot at the Gunsmith.

MTz-556 Mastery menu showing the gilded challenge, requiring 3 operator kills with 1 magazine 10 times.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Aside from running low on ammo, the other problem is the 150 health pool in Modern Warfare 3. Assists are common and it’s entirely possible for teammates to steal kills. Then all of a sudden you need to reload and reset the streak. Try to flank where you can and we would even consider using Covert Sneakers, Ghost, and a suppressor to stay concealed. With a larger mag and plenty of stealth options, now you just need to stay on a streak.

Which Game Mode Should You Play?

Kill Confirmed is perfect because you can play a little slower without having to play the camp fest that is Team Deathmatch. You don’t want to go any longer than mid-range in most cases or you’ll run out of ammo before you can get your three kills in the Kill Confirmed match.

You need to get 3 Operator Kills with 1 magazine 10 different times to complete a Gilded challenge on each assault rifle. It’s going to take some time and frustration no matter what you do, so stick with it. Before you know it, you’re on your way to the Forged and Priceless Mastery Camos.

But another tough challenge awaits. Before attempting to get 3 Operator Kills with 1 magazine for the Gilded challenge, learn how you can easily get some Tactical Stance kills in Modern Warfare 3.

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