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What are the Blue Obelisks in Minecraft Legends? – Answered

Mysterious structure indeed... Let's see what it does.

As you roam around the world in Minecraft Legends, you might notice some structures that resemble an obelisk, or shall we say, a structure with a small, blue portal that is glowing and has a magical effect around itself.

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You approach them, and you see that nothing is happening or changing, so the natural question pops up about what this blue structure is and how you can benefit from it. Prima Games has finally undone the mystery of this blue glowing thing, and we are ready to tell you what it does. Here’s our guide on the Blue Obelisks in Minecraft Legends.

What Does the Blue Portal Obelisk Structure Do in Minecraft Legends? – Explained

When we figured out what this Blue Portal does, we immediately realized why we didn’t understand its function the first time around. It’s called the Regeneration Stone… or at least we think so, in the absence of an official glossary issued by Mojang, or Minecraft Wiki.

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How Does Regeneration Stone Work in Minecraft Legends? – Explained

In order to use this Stone that restores your health, you need to be injured, and you need to approach them, and then watch as your magic and health goes up. This is important if you want to quickly regenerate your health.

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Where Can You Find Regeneration Stones in Minecraft Legends? – Answered

Well, seeing that Minecraft generates worlds randomly, you may expect to find these Regeneration Stones at random locations on the surface. So far, we’ve established that they are fairly common, so you’ll probably be able to run into them in the time of your need. They do not appear on your map, so you need to remember where you found them if you wish to come back to them at a later moment.

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That’s it for this guide. We thank you for visiting Prima Games and we invite you to check out our Minecraft Legends tag under this article for more Minecraft Legends content. See you around!

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