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What are Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards and How are they Used? – Answered

Did they added Exodia to Minecraft now?

by Patrick Souza
Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards

Minecraft Dungeons was a big hit after its initial release on various platforms, which led Mojang to develop a special Arcade version of the game. This physical version is very unique compared to the regular Console/PC editions, containing some features such as collectible special Cards with gameplay interactions. Learn more about how those work right here.

What Are the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards?

Cards represent equipment in this alternative version of the game. Instead of getting random pieces with random stats dropping from mobs as you progress through the dungeons, your gear in Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is determined by the cards you have scanned when starting a game. 

You have five slots to scan the five different types of cards available (Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon, Armor, Skin, and Pet), and any leftover slots will be filled with random items. Using a specific card will give the correspondent item directly instead, so it helps control the RNG as well as letting your play what you like.

How To Get Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards?

A single card is automatically dispensed by the arcade machine whenever you start a new game. Getting a continue also counts as a new game, so you’ll get a new card from those too. You have no control over which card you’ll be getting, so it’s just like you’re opening a real-life booster pack. It only comes with a single card per attempt, but you get to play a whole complete game as an extra.

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Each card also has its own Foil version, which has no impact on gameplay and serves mostly as a collectible item.

Luckily, no cards are overwhelmingly more powerful than others, so if you’re interested in trying this game at a nearby arcade next to your house, don’t worry about the need to have some specific cards beforehand. You’ll probably do fine with whatever the game’s throwing at you. 

This is the key difference between the Arcade version and the regular one, but there are numerous others, which makes them feel different enough from each other. You can give this version a try if you just wanna collect those neat cards. 

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