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What are Infamous Foes in Hogwarts Legacy?

Bounty Hunting in Hogwarts?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Infamous Foes

There is no shortage of enemies in the land surrounding Hogwarts Castle, but only the most dangerous of them all are considered Infamous Foes. You won’t see them appear until you get through the start of Hogwarts Legacy, so if you’re here, you’ve likely already seen one of them labeled on your map after completing a trial or two.

The map in Hogwarts Legacy is full of points of interest with various symbols, but it’s hard to miss the menacing skull that represents these Infamous foes. Our guide will explain exactly what these locations have in store for you and how you can prepare in advance.

Hogwarts Legacy – What are Infamous Foes?

Skull markers in an open-world RPG typically mean one thing: a difficult boss is around the corner and they are beyond the normal grunt. The sentiment remains true in Hogwarts Legacy. Infamous Foes serve as unique side bosses that you can take down as you roam the open world.

Some of these bosses are in Bandit Camps or Castles and others are wandering around hidden POIs on the border of the map. Each one of them has a unique name and backstory that you can find in the Enemies Collection for the game. In fact, you’ll have to find and defeat each one if you want the Platinum Trophy.

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Though Infamous Foes are tougher than the standard enemy, they seem to have a locked level. Many of the enemies in the game will scale along with you, but not in this case. That can be a sigh of relief for high-level players or a problem for lower levels. Either way, there are 18 Infamous Foes that you can hunt down in Hogwarts Legacy, so don’t waste any time and make good use of your spells.

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