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How to Hit a Troll With its Own Boulder in Hogwarts Legacy

Rock and Troll!

by Grant Testa
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Accomplishing Dueling Feats in Hogwarts Legacy is the game’s true test of combat mastery. These challenges require players to understand enemy weaknesses, as well as their created witch or wizard’s arsenal of spells to pull off exciting magic attacks in the midst of battle. An example of a highly confusing challenge in Hogwarts Legacy is found against Trolls, one of the game’s most formidable enemies, as a specific Dueling Feat tasks players with “hitting a troll with its own boulder.” Here is the foolproof method to complete this counterintuitive challenge in Hogwarts Legacy.

Step One: Keep Your Distance from the Troll

Once you have begun combat against a Troll (it doesn’t matter what type), make sure that you also see the “Hit a troll with its own boulder” Dueling Feat on the right side of you user interface, as there are other Troll-related challenges that require different strategies. The example picture above demonstrates a fight against a Forest Troll, which had to be hit with its own boulder in order to successfully complete the Dueling Feat.

Start by give the monster a wide berth, as it will either quickly close the gap by charging (which you can dodge roll away from), or it will reach down to grab a boulder to throw at you. Simply, analyze what attack the Troll is preparing, and move on to step two.

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Step Two: Prepare to Block the Boulder

You will know that the Troll is about to throw a boulder when the creature reaches towards the ground and the golden danger indicator (or Magic Spidey-sense) appears on your witch or wizard’s head.

The Troll will rapidly launch its boulder at you, which must be blocked very quickly, or you will take heavy damage.

Step Three: Use Protego and Ancient Magic to Throw the Boulder Back at the Troll

Before the boulder hits you, tap (do not hold) the block button, which will vary depending on your platform of choice. This will cast a Protego shield that protects your protagonist from damage and tips the boulder into the air, which you can use for a counterattack. If you hold block instead of tapping it, you will cast Stupefy, which will prevent your witch or wizard from being able to hit the Troll with its own boulder.

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After you have successfully blocked the Troll’s boulder, you can use your “Ancient Magic Throw” to grab the boulder in midair and fling it back from whence it came. The example above demonstrates a boulder throw on PS5, which utilizes R1 to throw the boulder, while PC requires the “Z” key, and Xbox necessitates using RB.

Step Four: Attack!

Once you have hit the Troll with its own boulder, you will complete the Dueling Feat, as a green checkmark will appear next to it. Also, the Troll will be staggered for a few moments, opening it up for a counterattack.

One useful strategy against Trolls is to incorporate powerful spells like Bombarda after deflecting the boulder, which can take large chunks out of the stunned beast’s health bar when used in conjunction, even on the highest difficulty setting. After the monster recovers, repeat the process. Soon, the Troll will be defeated, and you will add another accomplished Dueling Feat to your Field Guide.

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