What Are Drink Links in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Pour a cold one with the boys (or girls).

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Forming close bonds with friends is a rather important part of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. See what a Drink Link can do for you as you share a cold glass of your favorite adult beverage with a member of your team.

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How To Do A Drink Link in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Drink Links are a feature that allows you to deepen the bond between you and a member of your party. As you work on upgrading your Bond level by battling enemies, finding moments to chat with them while exploring the streets, or any other activities that you may perform with them, you’ll see a prompt to speak with them at the Bar of your choice.

Once you walk in, you’ll find that your party has spread throughout the room, and if you see a character with a heart over their head, it means that you can initiate a Drink Link. You’ll get the chance to sit down and talk with your friend, and see what is happening in their life outside of the battle scene.

At two moments during the Drink Link, you’ll have the choice to select from a list of answers. Choose the answer that you think to be the best, and you’ll receive points in any of your categories. Depending on your answer, you may receive Kindness or you may receive Charisma — or anything in between. There is no way to fail a Drink Link, so choose the answers that ring true in your heart.

After the Drink Link has come to a close, your party member of choice will receive a permanent buff that follows them throughout the game. For example — after completing a Drink Link, you may find that the party member you spoke to will follow up on an attack if an enemy is dropped to the ground, causing extra damage. The Drink Links are not only a great way to learn more about the party that is joining you on your adventure, but also a great way to make sure that your party is the strongest that it can be.

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