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What kinda name is Fidelio anyway?
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As you make your way through the vast expanse of Rogue Trader, you’ll come across a lot of different quests that are equal parts complex and interesting. Here’s how to complete the Underworld quest in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader.

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How to Complete the Underworld Quest in Rogue Trader

The Underworld quest appears during Chapter 2 of Rogue Trader. As you’re traversing the Footfall Atrium, you’ll come across a ceremony honoring the dead “Master Bellardo.”

Attend the Ceremony in Underworld Quest

As you enter the ceremony, you’ll be immediately asked if you’re a “Fidelio.” Whether you answer truthfully here or not is up to you, but I answered that I was part of the Von Valancius dynasty and was allowed to attend anyway. This sends you through a whole cutscene regarding the man, where Abelard will also reveal that this isn’t Master Bellardo but the new name for a pirate he knew many years ago named Jerrycan Denz. Seems he turned over a new leaf before his death.

This will open up three different quest steps, which you can find below.

Uncover Fidelio’s Identity in Underworld Quest

The entirety of Bellardo’s inheritance appears to be going to a “Fidelio” character, but who this person is and what relation they have to Bellardo is a mystery. Hell, no one at the funeral even knows who they are. However, people don’t seem to want them alive due to jealousy. This is evident by the amasec somewhat near the body, which has been poisoned.

With that out of the way, it’s time to start searching the area. You should start by checking the Book of Remembrance immediately in front of Bellardo’s body, which has “Repentance – Fid” written in it by someone from the ceremony. Immediately after, you should speak to First Mate Daggen and Kas Bellardo, who can both reveal that the word Repentance was written in various places across Bellardo’s home. Finally, you’ll want to speak with the Chaplain, who will start to piece together the whole story once you mention the Repentance possibly being a ship. Bellardo had killed a ship captain 12 years ago, and the ship captain’s daughter had attempted to kill him in turn. She fled and he sent his mercenaries after her, but that was the last the Chaplain heard of the story.


Be extra careful not to attack anyone here as you’ll draw the attention of everyone. This will result in a very difficult, huge fight with every NPC in the area. Your best bet is to approach peacefully.

Once you’ve exhausted all dialogue options with the Chaplain, you’ll be free to point fingers at who Fidelio is. You can start clicking on everyone at the ceremony, but if you want to make it easier, you should check the Servitor pictured above. They’re the only Servitor without a robotic arm of some sort, and they also aren’t working in the area at all. Speaking with the Servitor causes it to act violently, followed immediately by the Chaplain and other members of Bellardo’s crew running over to see what’s happening.

According to the Chaplain, this Servitor was commissioned by Bellardo 12 years ago (the time of the Repentance ship’s appearance in his life). He kept the Servitor to do its usual functions of cleaning with its free will destroyed, but its awareness and memory were left completely intact. This will open up several options when it comes to deciding who gets the inheritance later on.

Find Out What is Happening at the Strange Ceremony in the Underworld Quest

The ceremony itself is quite strange, considering funeral proceedings for a dead pirate are all too uncommon in the world of Warhammer 40K. Thankfully, you’re free to ignore this step mostly since it’ll complete itself once you handle the inheritance.

Underworld Quest Inheritance Question – Answered

Among the pirates, there seems to be a war over who gets Bellardo’s inheritance. It was originally left to this “Fidelio” character, though several people, including his son, Kas Bellardo, and his First Mate Daggen, feel they’re owed part of his inheritance.

In my playthrough, I found his granddaughter, Adelia Bellardo, hiding behind one of the crates. Given that I followed Iconoclast enough to open up the option, I gave his inheritance to her and got the acheivement Burning Inheritance.

Underworld Quest Inheritance Options in Rogue Trader

Here are the three other inheritance options, along with what happens if you choose them:

  1. The Rogue Trader claims it: Boost your Profit Factor by 1.
  2. Kaz: He receives it, and there are no known consequences.
  3. Daggan: Daggan acquires it, and Kaz warns of future encounters.

If you opt for the Fidelio option of Inheritance, additional nuances arise in the choices:

  1. You have the option to kill her.
  2. Choosing “Fascinating tale” blocks any further options related to the Fidelio ending.
  3. If you select “Watch your enemies die,” you then face two more choices: you can either let the coward, Kas, escape, or you can choose to kill him as well. This leads to a confrontation with the Ceremony Guest, one Combat Servitor, a Clerk, and Daggan. If you compel Kaz to fight, he and his guest will also engage in the battle.

We highly recommend going with Adelia as the inheritor if you are going the Iconoclast path. Not only does this open up extra scenes, but it also makes the most sense narratively. Adelia is Master Bellardo’s beloved granddaughter, so having her receive the inheritance is the best ending possible.

That’s it! Once you’ve concluded the ceremony, the Underworld quest will be complete, and you’ll be free to go on your way. If you’re looking for any more help while playing, check out our guide on how to hide your helmet in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader.

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