Warframe: How to Get the Equilibrium Mod

Another mod to add to the list.

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While you play through Warframe, you’ll need to acquire an array of specific mods that best complement a particular build or playstyle. Here’s how to get the Equilibrium mod in Warframe.

Where to Get the Equilibrium Mod in Warframe

The Equilibrium mod in Warframe can either be acquired through a possible reward in The Circuit or by defeating the Lephantis boss. The former is a possible reward along the track, so you should see it long before you get it. As for the latter, Lephantis has a 7.52% chance to reward the mod. As such, you may have to farm him for a bit before getting an Equilibrium yourself.

If neither of those sounds like your cup of tea, then purchasing Equilibrium from other players using Plat is a solid alternative. The mod goes for around 8-10 Plat according to warframe.market, so don’t go spending 50 Plat to purchase the mod from someone else. Once you have it, simply level it and place it on whatever frame you feel suits it best.

Who Should You Put the Equilibrium Mod On?

The Equilibrium mod provides Energy when picking up Health orbs, and vice versa. This makes the mod particularly great when on a frame that can generate more drops since this will mean more Health and Energy constantly. A great example of a frame that can use this well is Khora, who can generate a ton of loot drops when running the augment mod Pilfering Strangledome. I use it in my Khora build myself, and that extra energy has been a huge help for keeping the cage uptime pretty much permanent.

If you’re looking for some other mods to grind for, check out our guide on how to get the Heavy Caliber mod in Warframe.

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