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Vampyr – How to Collect Blood

by Larryn Bell

In Vampyr, sucking blood from victims is a necessary part of living the vampire life. Sucking blood not only helps to sustain Dr. Reid, it can also be used as a means to impact the citizens of London and should be done with caution. Sucking blood in Vampyr involves several steps, but once you get the hang of embracing citizens, you’ll soon be able to incorporate blood sucking into your regular routine as a vampire.

How to Collect Blood in Vampyr 

Sucking blood in Vampyr is a great way to help satiate Dr. Reid’s thirst. Collecting blood will also allow you to use your special vampiric abilities. While most of Dr. Reid’s blood sucking will be done to various citizens of London, he can also perform this action during combat against an enemy. Be sure you know when and how to suck blood in Vampyr by following the steps below.

Vampyr how to suck blood

Embrace Your Victim

Sucking the blood from a citizen is a good way to earn XP fast in Vampyr. Every citizen of London in Vampyr can be ‘embraced’, which is a friendlier way of saying that you can kill them by sucking their blood. Embracing a victim will lead to their demise, but this will also grant you a hefty amount of XP, which is needed for unlocking new skills and leveling up in Vampyr.

To suck the blood of a citizen in Vampyr, start by striking up a conversation with them. In the upper left corner, look for the mesmerize button and press it to begin leading them along the blood path. You must take the victim into the shadows, or somewhere dark enough that you won’t be seen ‘embracing’ them to death. Once you’ve reached a private area with your victim, select the Embrace button to begin sucking their blood and draining them of life.

Vampyr embrace citizen

Before you can embrace a victim in Vampyr, you must first take note of Dr. Reid’s mesmerize level in comparison to that of the victim. Dr. Reid must have a higher mesmerize level than the victim he wishes to embrace, otherwise his attempt to mesmerize the victim won’t work. A citizen’s mesmerize level is indicated by the number beside the head icon with the hand on top. The mesmerize level denotes a citizen’s blood quality, so the higher the mesmerize level, the more XP you stand to gain from sucking their blood. 

Vampyr Mesmerise

The blood quality of a citizen can also be improved by discovering hints about the person. Learning new details about a citizen can lead to new hints about them that can increase the value and quality of their blood. Consider taking the time to discover hints about a citizen before making them your next victim in Vampyr.

Bite During Combat

In Vampyr, Dr. Reid can also use his blood-sucking capabilities against an enemy during combat.  To suck someone’s blood during a fight, you must stun them first by using a stealth attack or by smacking them with an off-hand weapon. Off-hand weapons usually can have special abilities that drain stamina when used. 

Vampyr Bite During Combat

Keep an eye on the gray bar beneath the enemy’s health bar during combat. When you hit an enemy and drain their grey stun meter, a Bite icon will appear for a brief moment to indicate your chance to strike. Run forward to sink your teeth into your opponent when the Bite icon appears to suck their blood and replenish some for yourself. Sucking an enemy’s blood during combat will allow you to fill a portion of your own blood bar.

Catch a Rat

When you need to replenish your blood bar in a pinch, you can always resort to biting into a nearby rat. There are usually plenty of rats running around outside in the dank alleyways. Interact with a rat to pick it up and give it a chomp. Rats don’t offer as much blood as guards or other NPCs, but it’s better than nothing.

Now that you know how to efficiently suck blood in Vampyr, you should be ready tackle life as an immortal. Check out our other Vampyr guide coverage for more tips and strategies.

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