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Vampire Survivors v1.2 Patch Notes – Quality of Life Update – December 15th 2022

Last patch before the DLC!

by Nikola L

Poncle is one of those indie developer teams that keeps their promises, and new content keeps steadily pouring in after the full release of Vampire Survivors. Now, we have received the last patch before the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC release.

Patch Notes for Vampire Survivors Patch v1.2

Our DLC article is here if you want to read more: Here’s Everything Coming to Vampire Survivors in the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. Keep in mind that we’ll do our best to have day one guides for all unlockables and all achievements in Vampire Survivors Legacy of the Moonspell DLC, so you can always bookmark our Vampire Survivors tag.

New Content in Vampire Survivors Patch v1.2

  • One new significant skin for Peppino (of course, it’s a Christmas tree with the appropriate decorations.)

Tweaks in Vampire Survivors Patch v1.2

  • Added option to toggle maxed power-ups
  • When treasure chests are skippable, coin-only treasure chests will now play a quick in-game animation
  • Treasure chests containing Arcanas have a different color
  • Fix for overall kill count breaking on modded/corrupted saves
  • Fixed infinitely bouncing Carrello
  • Minor fixes in the Bestiary
  • Removed Floor Chicken requirement for Marrabbio
  • Fixed non-looping music tracks: Castle People and I’m Every Reaper
  • Added support for DLC
  • The Directer has a new item for those who love Golden Eggs.

Poncle has made a video for this patch, which you can check below:

Official Patch Notes Video

We hope that the content for Vampire Survivors will continue pouring in gradually over time (whether it’s related to the base game, the upcoming DLC, or any other potential new DLC that comes down the line) since this game definitely deserves it.

If you have not unlocked everything in the Vampire Survivors base game yet, feel free to search or browse for guides here on Prima Games since we basically have the whole game covered for our readers.

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