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Vampire Survivors Patch Notes 0.11.209

Full game release WHEN?

by Nikola L

Vampire Survivors fans are expecting a full release of the (probably) most viral indie rogue-lite game of the year pretty soon, and this patch is one of the last patches before that glorious moment everyone’s been waiting for. In this article, we’ll go over some Patch Notes and make a short comment on them.

Tweaks/Bugfixes in Patch Notes 0.11.209 for Vampire Survivors

  • Unlockable SECRET option to choose the Random character.
    Guide available here: How to Unlock New Secret Character “Random” in Vampire Survivors 0.11.209
    Related guide: How to Unlock Quick Start game mode with a random character on a random stage in Vampire Survivors (Patch v0.11.209)
  • Option to skip the weapon selection from Candybox.
  • Option to stop moving backgrounds (Moongolow, Cappella Magna).
    Great for people with motion sickness!
  • Option to cash in immediately all remaining Revives when completing a stage.
    You will get a Quit option above the Revive that will tell you how much you will cash out, just so that you do not need to wait for White Death to kill you repeatedly.
  • There’s now a low, Luck-based chance that green coin bags from Treasure Chests could be substituted by a Candybox if it has been unlocked.
  • Fixed movement input resetting when leveling up/opening a treasure chest.
  • Fixed a few errors around controllers (please know/remember that we won’t be able to fix all controller issues until we complete the port to the new engine).
    See this? This is a good hint that they want to port Vampire Survivors to consoles very much, but they insist that the game is fully polished.
  • Fixed birds firing timer at high cooldown.
  • Fixed Gorgeous Moon breaking when firing too often due to Limit Break.
  • A few new sprites
  • New secondary skin for Christine
  • Fixed Gemini weapons appearing as level-up options

That’s it for these patch notes, make sure to check out our other Vampire Survivors articles under the clickable game tag below.

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