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Valorant’s Next Agent Brings Mayhem And a Ton of Friends

One agent and a whole family of pets!

by Shawn Robinson
Valorant Gekko

Valorant’s next act, Episode 6: Act II, is geared up to drop on March 7, just a few days from now. While the balance changes and bug fixes are plenty exciting, the prospect of new content alongside a new battle pass is always exciting. As for the first one, Riot’s decided to talk a little about that. During the VCT LOCK//IN event today, the team finally unveiled the next agent coming to Valorant, Gekko!

How Gekko Completely Shakes Up the Meta

Image via Riot Games

Gekko hails from the very unique community of eastern LA. Known well for its mix of American city with Mexican heritage, this is a community known best for its unique culture, something Riot has gone about researching with the creation of Gekko. They are very involved in both the traditional values of their parents along with the influences of their hometown, which comes across in their very unique and colorful visuals.

Striking looks aren’t the only thing Gekko’s bringing to the table. With them comes a host of pets, ready to stomp their way into the battlefield and cause all sorts of mayhem. Each of their abilities does the following:

  • C (Mosh Pit)
    • A grenade that can be thrown either over or underhand. When it lands, it will create a large green area on the ground that explodes after a short delay. Anyone left trapped within won’t be feeling too great afterward, needless to say.
  • Q (Wingman)
    • When thrown, Wingman will begin running forward in a straight line. If he spots an enemy, he will immediately begin dashing toward them and concussing them. That is not all he can do though, as, unlike any other ability in the game, he can either plant or defuse a spike should you send him to the right spot. He can be shot during it though, so be careful throwing the spike into a crowd of enemies.
  • E (Dizzy)
    • When sent out, Dizzy will fly through the air and seek out any enemies in her field of vision. After a short delay, she will launch plasma blasts that blind any enemies in sight. Unlike normal blinds, this takes the form of an odd blue goop.
  • X (Thrash)
    • When activated, you will take control of Thrash and will be able to steer her through enemy territory. When activated again, she will lunge forward and detain any enemies within proximity of her lunge, making this the first detain ability since Killjoy’s Lockdown ultimate.

All of the above abilities (yes, this includes the ultimate too) will leave behind a globule where you have thrown it. If you go to this globule, you can pick it up again to get a charge of it back on a short delay. This will take time and leave you vulnerable though, so do so at your own risk.

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With all this, Gekko is set to be an initiator that shakes up the meta. The ability to plant and defuse the spike without being at the spike itself is insanely valuable, not to mention the idea of a pet-based agent. Time will tell how effective they will be, though we will be keeping a close eye. If you have been out of the loop for some time, be sure to check out everything we know about the last agent, Harbor, in our guide.

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