The Closed Beta for Valorant has been a significant success when it comes to raising the popularity levels of the first-person shooter from Riot Games. One thing that players have been able to experience during the closed beta of Valorant is the ability to customize their weapons with a variety of cosmetic items via the in-game store. These items have been purchasable by using Radiante points, which is the in-game currency for the Riot Games title. However, players have recently been running into an issue where the game tells them that no payment methods are currently available. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about why the game is telling you that no payment methods are currently available. 

Valorant No Payment Methods Currently Available

Now, players should not worry that something is wrong with the way that they had been purchasing Radiante points from the in-game store. There is nothing you need to worry about when it comes to your end. The reason why Valorant is telling you that no payment methods are currently available is that Riot Games has shut down the ability for players to buy anything from the in-game store during the closed beta. This has occurred because Riot Games began maintenance on the store on May 22nd, which will be running until the game officially launches shortly. Once the game officially launches, players will not run into the issue where the game tells them that no payment methods are currently available.  

 Valorant No Payment Methods Currently Available

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All store purchases will be reset when the game launches. However, players will be given back all of their Radiante points with some bonus ones as well so that they can begin to expand their cosmetic collection once again. The bonus is a total of an extra 20%, which means players will be getting a nice chunk of extra points in addition to the ones they have already spent during the closed beta. 

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Players may no longer be able to purchase any of the cool cosmetic items in the Closed Beta of Valorant any longer due to no payment methods being currently available. Fortunately, this will change when the full game launches very soon, and players will be able to expand their collection in the first-person shooter once again. Let us know which cosmetic items are your favorite over on Facebook and Twitter!