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Valorant Error Code 46 and How to Fix It

by Nicholas Barth

Riot Games’ new tactical first-person shooter of Valorant has captivated the attention and excitement of the gaming community following the launch of its closed beta. However, as with most closed betas, players have and will run into issues where they are unable to play the game properly. One of these issues that many players have run into is error code 46. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about error code 46 for Valorant covered for you!

Valorant Error Code 46

Players will find that Riot Games officially describes Valorant error code 46 as platform downtime. This platform downtime means that Riot Games has taken down the servers on purpose to perform maintenance on them or to prepare them for an upcoming patch. An example of when you may run into error code 46 is the server downtime that is being performed on Tuesday, May 12th. Members of the community who try and log into the tactical shooter during this time where the servers are down will not be able to get into and play the game. They will then be met with error code 46.

You can see what it will look like when you run into this issue in the image below:

 Valorant Error Code 46

Now, there is nothing that players can do and their end to fix this. According to Riot Games, players should “please check back later” as “this is planned downtime allotted for the engineers to work on our systems.” Riot Games would have a great deal of difficulty trying to perform maintenance on their servers for Valorant if there are millions of players are on them at the same time playing. They must put the servers offline for a period to allow their engineers to work on server maintenance properly. Unfortunately, this means players will run into error code 46. 

The only way to “fix” Valorant error code 46 is to wait until the scheduled downtime for the game’s servers is over, which should then allow you to get back into the game and resume playing. 

A variety of other errors have reared their heads during the closed beta of the game. These are errors 51, 29, and 43. With this in mind, you should not worry if you run into any of these, as they are usually very easy to fix and get past to continue playing. 

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The best thing that players can do when they run into Valorant error code 46 is to stay patient and wait until the official downtime for the title’s servers is over. Let us know what you will be doing during this period over on Twitter and Facebook

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