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Even the best of games have weird technical issues sometimes.  When you have nowhere to turn, remember that Prima specializes in technical Tips to get you back up and running.

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Valorant is Riot Games' first first-person shooter title and has been a topic of significant discussion in the gaming world over the past few months. Unfortunately, members of the community have run into a variety of errors when playing that have caused some headaches. One of these problems is the chat service unavailable error that makes it difficult for players to communicate when it occurs. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about a fix for this particular error covered for you so that you can implement it and get rid of this problem. 

Valorant Chat Service Unavailable Fix

Now, players who run into the chat service unavailable error can try the fix where they restart their game client entirely and log back in. This has proven to fix this problem for players in the past. If the restart solution does not work, players can also uninstall the game entirely from their PC and reinstall it, which has also proven to be an effective fix for this problem. 

Valorant Chat Service Unavailable Fix

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Those who run into the chat service unavailable error should try either fix above to have the best chance of getting rid of this particular error and get back onto the battlefields helping their teams to victory. 

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This fix should hopefully stop the chat service unavailable error from causing you further problems when you are trying to play Valorant. Let us know how it works over on Twitter and Facebook