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Valorant Beta Release Date Guide

by Nicholas Barth

There is plenty of excitement circulating in the video game community thanks to the recent reveal of the character-based tactical first-person shooter that Riot Games is developing. A large number of players are anxiously waiting to hear any news from Riot Games regarding a release date for a potential Beta that would allow fans to get a taste of what the FPS has to offer before it officially releases. 

Valorant Beta Release Date

The official release date window for Valorant was confirmed to be Summer 2020 by Riot Games. Now, this window covers a couple of months. Still, it would not be shocking to see Riot Games release the Beta in the next month or so, considering it is common practice for a Beta to be available a couple of months ahead of when the title hits the market. 

Valorant Beta Release Date

Competitive gaming insider Rod Breslau, who has accurately reported on various aspects of the FPS title ahead of their official reveal, reported that several high-profile professional players and streamers are flying out to the Riot Games Headquarters to shoot promotional footage for the game from March 10th to the 12th, which could be used to promote the upcoming Beta. With this in mind, it would not be shocking to see the release date for the Valorant Beta be late March or early April. 

However, the community will have to wait until Riot Games gives official confirmation regarding the date when players will be able to dive into the highly anticipated FPS for the first time. 

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