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Valheim Patch 0.214.300 Patch Notes – March 28th 2023

Some hotfixes here and there...

by Nikola L

Valheim’s development team doesn’t stop, and is on a mission to make the greatest open-world Viking game (and Prima Games doesn’t stop reporting on Valheim). A small few-hundred-megabytes patch is at our doorstep, it brings some fixes for PC and Xbox, and we are sure some of you will be glad to read about them. We hope that new content for Valheim is coming soon™! Until then, here are the Valheim Patch 0.214.300 notes.

What’s New in Patch 0.214.300 in Valheim?

As an (extended) introduction, here’s the word from the developers themselves…

Time for some hotfixes! This patch should fix an issue where Xbox players and PC players got different heightmaps, which could cause a player to appear to fly in the air or walk below ground. Unfortunately, if an Xbox player has built in an area like this, this change will cause buildings to collapse. We sincerely apologize for this, but it was important to make this change now to prevent further issues later down the line.

Something else that we are working on is a fix to the issue where Xbox worlds have been resetting to day 1 after reaching a certain size. We have identified the problem and believe we have found a solution to it, which should be featured in the next patch. For now, we apologize and thank you for your patience.

Remember that you can use the “Manage Saves” button in the world selection to recover an earlier version of your world if you’ve run into any world issues. And also, if you are having an unplayable game in the latest patch, you can always run the last stable version by changing to the ‘default_old’ branch on Steam.

Abbreviated Valheim Patch Notes 0.214.300

Here’s a tl;dr of what’s done in 0.214.300:

Fixes & Improvements

  • Left-handed mouse fixed
  • The manual saving bug is fixed
  • Swap Triggers controller option added
  • Text & UI fixes
  • Performance & various bug fixes

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Detailed Valheim Patch Notes 0.214.300

Here’s the longer, detailed version of the Patch Notes for Valheim version 0.214.300:

Fixes & Improvements

  • Manual save no longer causes you to respawn where you saved and can be called to a dedicated server if you are on the admin list
  • The left-handed mouse should now work correctly again
  • Added “Swap Triggers” to control options, to be able to fix a potential issue for PlayStation controllers
  • Fixed performance issues in the main menu
  • Fixed some special characters appearing as squares and symbols should look more like they did before
  • Hovertext and text input on signs should now be displayed correctly and can use \t and \n symbols
  • Text on signs should now be lit correctly and no lower glow
  • Various UI & text fixes that were being displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the scrolling was slow and inverted on Linux
  • Engine updated to unity version 2020.03.45
  • Settings for keybindings should now be saved correctly

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  • Added graphic setting “Balanced Mode” with 40 FPS and 1440p on Series X and 900p on Series S
  • Right stick now only controls the character rotation in the character screen
  • The right analog stick no longer has double functionality in the character creation menu
  • Heightmap differences between Xbox and PC have now been almost entirely eliminated (this means some areas in Xbox worlds will have a significant terrain change, and if you have built in these areas the buildings may unfortunately collapse)

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