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How To View And Track Your Stats In Apex Legends

by Prima Games Staff

Most online FPS games care deeply about counting up your kills, deaths and a myriad other statistics. While Apex Legends is no different in that regard, actually getting to view and show off those numbers can be a little confusing compared to most games. Whether you’re looking to keep track of shotgun kills or simply want to know your total wins, this guide will teach you how to view and track your stats in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends uses an unusual system in which statistics such as kills, wins and damage are tied directly to each Legend. That means no matter how many hours you’ve put into playing Wraith, swapping to Pathfinder for the first time will show you back at 0 kills again. To view your stats with each legend, select the Legends tab at the top of the main menu. Here you can select each Legend to view their details and find out how well you’re performing with them. Select the Banners tab and then Trackers bar to see all the statistics the game is keeping for you.


Want to show off those numbers? This is where banners come in. Banners are Apex Legends’ way of peacocking, letting you adorn your player icon with the stats and details you’re proud of. At the start of each game of Apex Legends you’ll see your own squads’ banners and those of the Champion squad. Don’t be put off by other players’ numbers, having a lot of kills or damage doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any good at the game.

Again, banners are tied to each Legend, and you’ll be able to equip three trackers at any time. These are boxes that contain a specific detail such as kills or times you’ve revived teammates. While you’ll start off with a kill tracker for every Legend, you’ll need to unlock the other trackers by opening Apex Packs or crafting them with Metal. These typically cost around 30 Metal but will only unlock for that specific Legend. Considering the rate of earning Crafting Metal stuff is pretty slow, you’re better off using what you unlock through crates until you’re sure of what you want. 

You can also unlock different poses, voice line quips and frames for your banner through Apex Crates or crafting materials, and can equip new badges by completing certain challenges in game. Won a match with a full squad? You’ll unlock the corresponding badge for that Legend. Much like trackers, you can have three badges on your banner at any time.

Even if you haven’t unlocked any trackers, badges or banners, you’ll still be able to view your own statistics on this screen, you just can’t show them off to the world yet. The Season 1 Battle Pass which recently released includes several trackers that can be unlocked by levelling it up, so that’s probably a good place to start if you’re interested to see how they work.

Now that you know how to view and track your stats, you might be interested to see what actually changed when Season 1 released. For that, have a read of our patch notes!

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