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BattleBit Remastered has a wide variety of firearms for you to take to battle, each of which have a long list of attachments for you to unlock. To make sure you are progressing with the right weapon and fighting with the best possible tool, we have listed each of the top ten weapons available in BattleBit Remastered.

Top 10 Weapons in BattleBit Remastered

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10. M249

This Machine Gun can put down a considerable volume of fire that is perfect for shutting down an enemy attack. Get set up in the right position and lay on the trigger to stop anyone from pushing down the heavily congested corridors you can find in BattleBit Remastered.

9.  MP7

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The MP7 is a weapon that is unlocked from Rank 0 and is perfect for pushing into close range and bursting down enemies. Its high rate of fire means kills are quick, but be aware that its magazine empties fast, so hit-and-run tactics work best with this weapon.

8. M200

If sniping is your bag then there is little else to use besides the hefty M200. Its high-velocity rounds are easy to hit and deal tons of damage.

7. M4A1

This all-rounder assault rifle can be used from the moment you boot the game and will stay relevant for dozens of hours. While its recoil is hard to tame when engaging at long range, its high rate of fire and fast bullet velocity make it a powerful tool at medium and short range.

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6. Groza

The Groza PDW has a large magazine capacity that lets you outshoot multiple targets without having to reload. What it lacks in range it makes up for in stability, allowing for easy engagements at short range while still remaining relevant at midrange.

5. AK15

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This assault rifle is great for opening up your engagement options. Attaching a scope and using semi-auto will allow for easy long rang kills. Add to that a canted red dot sight and now there is no range you can’t be lethal at.

4. Vector

Of all the fast-fire close-range weapons, the Vector takes the crown. In most one on one fights, the person with the Vector that fires first is most likely to survive. Now get yourself to an unexpected spot, and you can ambush players before they have a chance to know they are in danger.


The SCAR H has a slow rate of fire but makes up for it with high damage and accuracy. If getting in close doesn’t appeal to you, then you can take the SCAR H and deal out death from a distance.

2. MK-14 EBR

The MK-14 Enhanced Battle Rifle is the best option for those who want flexibility. While you will have a hard time winning close-range duels, anything beyond 50 meters is fair game. With its high rate of fire, accuracy, and damage, the MK-14 is comfortably the best DMR in the game.

1. AK 74

Screenshot by Prima Games

The classic rifle shows itself to be the best weapon in BattleBit Remastered. The weapon is flat shooting with controllable recoil and respectable damage at every range. While it might not be the best at any range, it is competitive at all of them, while being easy to shoot.

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