How to Fix Packet Loss Issues in BattleBit Remastered

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While BattleBit Remastered has shown the big games that graphical fidelity isn’t always the key to engaging gameplay, there are still a few issues with the game. One of these can be identified when you shoot rounds directly into an enemy, but they don’t appear to hit. Is it a skill issue, or is it a connection issue? Here we will tell you how to fix packet loss in BattleBit Remastered.

How to Fix Lag and Connection Issues in BattleBit Remastered

While there are a few options to improve connection in online games, such as changing server or cycling your router, it helps to understand the issues and what causes them.

What is Ping?

Whenever you perform an action in an online game, a small piece of data is sent to the server and then back to your computer. The speed at which this information is sent is measured in microseconds. A ping of 13ms is very fast, and is effectively instant, with no communication problem with the server. A ping of 400ms however, will cause problems such as bullets missing, rubber banding, and complete freezes.

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What is Packet Loss?

Packet loss occurs when a piece of data sent to the server either doesn’t make it or doesn’t make it back to your pc. While an occasional lost packet isn’t the end of the world, when too many are lost too quickly it can lead to the game world freezing, and then suddenly being updated. Sometimes it will appear as though your character can move and shoot perfectly fine, but everything else is struggling.

Changing Servers

If you are having packet loss issues in BattleBit, you can try changing the server. While the built-in matchmaking does try to avoid high-ping servers, it isn’t always perfect. Instead, you can try to find a low-ping server using the in-game browser. This usually means finding a server in the same region as you.

Cycling your Router

If you have access to your router you may want to turn the power off for 30 seconds. This gives the router time to fully clear itself of any data clogging up the system. Turn the router back on and try reconnecting to the game. Just make sure that you check that no one on your wifi is currently on an important call before cycling the power.

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Check your Internet Speed

If you are still experiencing issues, then it could be your internet service provider, or home network that is causing the problem. Try turning off any devices or programs that could be using network data. Then connect your PC to your router with an ethernet cable, or wifi if you don’t have that option.

While there are plenty of ways to test your internet speed, there are easy automatic options that can be found online. Run a test and see what your speeds look like. If they are still low speed and high ping then your service provider might be having problems. Check their website for any known outages. If there aren’t any then it might be your building’s connection that is the problem. Sadly this means you might have to make some long phone calls and pay for an improved internet package.

Hopefully, these tips will allow you to diagnose and fix packet loss issues in BattleBit Remastered. However if none of these work then it could be a problem on BattleBit’s end. This is a new game from a small team that is having an explosion of success and they may be struggling to keep up server quality. Give the developers some time to stand up more servers and then check back in. You might find your problems have fixed themselves.

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